Sand and Rubble Supplies in Bordertown and the Tatiara

Never underestimate a solid foundation

Solid foundations are important when building a house, shed, garage or driveway and the first step is laying down sand and rubble so building and construction work can begin.

Creaser Haulage and Bobcat can deliver high quality sand and rubble to your specifications in a timely and efficient way, ensuring your project is not held up waiting for this essential stage in the building process.

Material for landscaping, rubble for driveways, shed pads and house pads can all be supplied, delivered and the site prepared and levelled using laser levelling equipment.

All trucks are accredited with the NVHAS, Mass & Maintenance schemes.

Creaser Haulage and Bobcat’s experienced and efficient operators will ensure your job gets done to your satisfaction.

Dean Creaser and his son Shaun have served the Bordertown and regional community in the Tatiara and Limestone Coast district for more than 13 years and bring a high level of knowledge of both the regional soil profiles and its topography to assist you in your project.

Contact them today on 0427 521 061 for a free no obligation quote for landscape supplies, rubble supply, rubble driveways, shed pads and house pads.